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Arulmigu Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Tenkasi

Tourist Places :

Tirunelveli Nellaiapper Ganthimathiammal :

         Gandhimathi Amman Kovil is one of the famous and big temples in Tirunelveli. The temple is a beautiful architectural wonder. It has several pillars on which dancing damsels and musicians playing their instruments are sculpted. These clusters of columns are craved out of a single piece of rock and when you tap gently on these, they produce the keynotes of Indian classical music. Though there are several other temples that boats such pillars, the pillars of Tirunelveli stands out.

Nava Thirupathi :

         The clusters of 9 Sacred Srivaishnava Temples located near Tirunelveli are known as Navathirupathis. Starting from Srivaikuntam one can visit all the nine temples on foot and offer prayers to all perumals in a single day. Among the Nava thirupathis only Srivaikuntam and Azhwar Thirunagari have facilities for boarding and lodging.

Kutraleeswar Temple :

         There is a Hindu temple dedicated to Courtallam prince (Siva). This temple showcases inscriptions on Chola, Pandya and Kings. The waterfalls are visible from the temple. It is believed that Sage Agastyar had received the vision for the marriage of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Other temples that you can visit are :

         Kasi Viswanathar Temple - 6 kms,

         Achankoil - 28 kms,

         Nelliyappar Kanthimathi Temple - 55 kms,

         Madurai Meenakshi Temple - 167 kms,

         Padmanabha Swamy Temple - 95 kms,

Waterfalls :

         Kumbarutti Falls -23 kms via Parpozhi,

         Manimuthar Dam - 40 kms,

         Palaruvi - 28 kms,

         Main Falls - 500 mts,

         Five Falls - 5 kms,

         Old Falls - 12 kms,

         Tiger Falls - 4 kms,

         Kundraru Dam - 9 kms

         There are interesting facts about the waterfalls here. It is believed that the water of the falls have medicinal properties as they run through the forests of herbs before their descent. According to the tourists who visited these falls and took bathe, have experienced smooth skin, made the old feel young and healed the sick rapidly.

Other :

         Kamarajar Manimandapam - located 143 kms from here is a monument dedicated to Late Sri. Kamarajar, the freedom fighter, former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and President of Indian National Congress, whose ashes were kept for public to pay homage before immersion into the sea.

         Thenmala Eco tourism - Located 38kms from here, Thenmala is a small village at the foothills of Western Ghats and predominantly a forest area. The famous Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary forms the main attraction of Thenmala Ecotourism.